Neuroplasticity - Changing your brain for improving your life Udemy Course 100% OFF

Neuroplasticity course

Learn how to change your thinking pattern, your limiting beliefs, your habits and how to make positive changes that last

This training program will give you:

- The awareness about what in your brain is holding you back, what can help you move forward and how to work with your brain and neuroplasticity to achieve the better life you want

- The tools and techniques on how to improve certain areas of your life you are not currently happy about

- The tools on how to reduce the resistance to change to be able to make the changes you want in your life

After finishing this Neuroplasticity course, you will know, How to:

  1. Become a positive person and stop worrying
  2. Improve your self-image and self-esteem
  3. Identify your supporting beliefs and activate them in all areas of your professional and personal life
  4. Identify and change your limiting beliefs into supportive ones using neuroplasticity

More concretely, at the end of the program you will have also on written support:
- A 7-step process to change the neuropathways (beliefs) which no longer serve you and develop new supportive beliefs
- 4 techniques to help you change the non-productive habits and beliefs that are holding you back
- 4 main barriers that might prevent you from implementing the changes that you want – and how to overcome them
- Various tips & tricks to help you in your process
- A concrete action plan to help you create and consolidate the new neuropathways you need for self growth and life improvement
- A self-observation chart that will help you monitor your progress and celebrate success

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