Remember a Chinese Word Every 2 Minutes (Nouns for Food and Nature) - Udemy course 100% Off

Remember a Chinese Word Every 2 Minutes

Learn bacon, bagel, beer, brandy, burger, champagne, cheese, chocolate, coffee, cola, cream puff, curry, ice cream, latte, lemon, nougat, mango, martini, pizza, mayonnaise, pudding, salad, sandwich, sardine, sprite, tea, tofu, white bread, whisky, and yogurt in Chinese.

Learn bamboo, branch, cactus, coal, copper ore, cotton, diamond, earth, flower, flower petal, fossil, grass, green jade, landscape garden, leaf, metal, moss, mud, pearl, petroleum, oil, rice crop, rock, root, seashell, seagrass, seed, soil, stalk, stem, stone, sunflower, tree, tree trunk in Chinese.

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