USAF Supply Chain Management 346 - Equipment Specialist 1670 Udemy $11 Course 56% OFF

USAF Supply Chain Management 346 - Equipment Specialist 1670

Learn some of the major roles and responsibilities of a Supply Chain Program Manager and an Equipment Specialist.

Who should take this course?
- Aspiring to become an ES
- Want help interviewing for an ES position
- Already in an ES role and want to be more knowledgeable
- Manage programs involving an ES
- Want to learn logistics management within the DoD

What you will learn:
- Roles of the Supply Chain Program Manger and Equipment Specialist
- Excel beyond getting hired
- Aircraft Availability Metrics
- Depot Supply Chain Management Overview (DSCM)
- Excess Inventory Demand Forecasting
- Exponential Smoothing, Moving Averages and Simple Average
- Order of Use Codes, National Stock Numbers, Interchangeability, Suitable Substitution
- Precipitous Drops
- Readiness Spares Parts, Peace Operating Stock, Due Out Maintenance
- Supply Chain Management Discrepancies
- Administrative Gated Process (Art of The Possible)
- Supply Chain Management
- Understand Product Lifecycles

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