Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle - Discount coupon 96% OFF

Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class

Course No. 1: The Complete Digital Marketing Management Course
Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Foray with 21 Hours of Training in Copywriting, Analytics, SEO & More
Duration: 21 hours
Lessons: 152

Course No. 2: Facebook Marketing: How to Write the Perfect Post
Crack the Code Behind Drafting Powerful Posts That Engage & Drive Traffic
Duration: 1 hours
Lessons: 27

Course No. 3: Copywriting: How To Be A Crazy Good Copywriter
Develop the Mind of a Copywriter & Break Down the Art of Crafting Professional Copy in 3 Hours
Duration: 3 hours
Lessons: 36

Course No. 4: Key to a Great Copywriting Career
Break Down the Essentials for Becoming a Successful Copywriter in 3 Hours
Duration: 3 hours
Lessons: 16

Course No. 5: How To Start Your Own Freelance Copywriting Business
Tap into the Mind of a Copywriter & Learn How to Kickstart Your Own Business
Duration: 2 hours
Lessons: 24

Course No. 6: Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells in 2019
Learn How to Strategically Deliver Words That Get People to Take Action
Duration: 7 hours
Lessons: 64

Course No. 7: Copywriting 101 Essential Skills
Break Down the Copywriting Essentials into 12 Key Steps
Duration: 1 hour
Lessons: 24

Course No. 8: Copywriting Masterclass: Writing That Sells
Connect with Your Audience & Supercharge Conversions with This Copywriting Primer
Duration: 1 hour
Lessons: 31

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