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ReadMe Premium Discount coupon

Reading hasn't changed for thousands of years, but ReadMe! is taking a new approach by combining the beauty of a real book with e-reading technology. With ReadMe!, you'll be able to breeze through books faster with less eye strain and fatigue. ReadMe! gives you access to popular speed reading tools, like BeeLine eReader and Spritz, and ReadMe! comes with FocusedReading, which strips away everything surrounding the e-reader and lets you just focus on a few sentences at a time.

Focus on just a few sentences at a time w/ Focused Reading
Use ReadMe! Writer to create your own e-books that automatically sync to your devices
Cache Spritz data so you can read with Spritz even when you're offline (airplane mode)
Sync your books across all of your devices
Use BeeLine Reader's color gradient to read faster & w/ greater comprehension

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