Manage, Organize and Find Electronic Documents with LogicalDOC document management software

LogicalDOC document management software

Think for a moment what your business could do with a few hundred hours of extra labor on an annual basis. What sort of impact would thousands of dollars in cost-savings have on your bottom line? For most organizations, this would translate into an incredible competitive advantage regardless of their niche. Implementing a modern, cloud-based document management system can deliver these advantages, and many more.

Let’s do some basic math; according to recent statistics and studies on productivity, each employee a business has devotes on average approximately 40-50 minutes every day to document-related tasks. These tasks include saving, archiving, and properly classifying files, faxing and e-mailing copies back and forth, and making sure that the relevant people have the necessary documents.

With roughly 220 business days in the average year, this adds up to around 165 lost hours of labor for each and every employee under your roof. If your average cost of labor is $20/hour, over $3,300 is being wasted on busywork annually.

3 Ways LogicalDOC - Document Management Software (DMS) Improves Your Business

Savings on Labor
As mentioned above, it is easy to save thousands of dollars annually by simply implementing a document management system which will speed things up for your employees. Every minute spent e-mailing documents to colleagues or searching in vain for the latest cost reports is money lost for your business.

Cost Savings
Document management produces a variety of other cost savings as well. Once you bid goodbye to those bulky filing cabinets, you’ll need significantly less floor space in your office. You’ll spend less on toner, paper, and office supplies as you transition to a digital document management system.

Productivity Enhancement
Your employees will find it easier than ever to collaborate when they have access to a modern document management system. Communication between different departments of your business will dramatically improve, leaving more time to focus on core competencies.

It comes with Cloud and On-Premise

LogicalDOC On-Premise
Complete Document Management Features
Total Control over your Information
Massive Import of all your Corporate Documents
Maintain records of document history and previous revisions and modifications
Cross Platform

LogicalDOC Cloud
No Hardware to setup / No Software to install
Remote Document Access
Document Sharing and Collaboration
Online Data Backup

Some Features

Organize documents in folders and subfolders on infinite levels and using special subdivisions called workspaces
Insert tags or labels on documents, this allows to generate virtual files of documents distributed in various folders in the document archive
Classify documents, by applying a type to digital content it is possible to define custom fields for various types of documents
Logically connect documents in this way it will be possible to see the documents linked to a master document and vice versa, being able to also download them in a single package

iconLogicalDOC interface is so intuitive that you do not need training. Simply drag and drop files.

LogicalDOC automatically imports all of your business files, making them available anywhere.

iconStore any size document or group of documents through a secure, central repository.

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