Seven arts of Yoga From Beginner to Expert - Udemy Course 90% OFF

Seven arts of Yoga From Beginner to Expert

Interpret the philosophical roots and diverse practices of the classical Ashtanga* and Hatha Yoga traditions. Employ the concepts underlying various yoga poses that allow the teacher to develop interesting sequences.

Explain and apply basic principles of anatomy and physiology and how they relate to developing sequences of non-injurious poses for the good health of the students.

Practice skills to teach a beginning to intermediate yoga fitness class in the three areas of pranayama (classical breathing practices), meditation and asana (postures).

Identify a well-rounded personal yoga practice with insight that allows you to be good yoga teacher. Prepare for a full- or part-time position as a yoga fitness instructor.

Deploy appropriate communication strategies and professionalism incorporating the AFPA Code of Ethics. Utilize appropriate fitness resources, equipment and protocols

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