Accounting Made Easy for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs - Udemy Course 100% OFF

Accounting Made Easy for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Do you want to get a grasp of the accounting functions for your business or new startup? Are you confused about where to start and what you need to know? Are you the type of person that feels intimidated by the topic because you don't like math or you are not a "numbers person"? Well you are not alone.

In this course I will teach you:
The basics of accounting in easy-to-understand terms designed for the small business person.
What you can and should outsource for your business?
When it makes sense to hire your own bookkeeping or accounting staff?
Financial Statements that are Typical for Business Success

We will also look at the main financial statements that businesses typically use and how they can help you monitor the performance of your business. These financial statements are like the instrument panel on a vehicle that can help you understand where you've been and where your business is heading.

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