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Blogging For Beginners Course

Less than a year ago, I started my new travel blog thinking to myself, “If I made $500 in six months, I’d think of investing more time and money”.

Guess what? I’ve made more than $3000 already in less than eight months on a part-time blog.

No, I didn’t do this by going on sponsored press trips or brand campaigns. I did it while completing a second Master, doing an internship and learning a third language all the while adjusting to life abroad.

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Not all of us can afford to leave what we are doing and chase the sun indefinitely until we ‘make it’. I have never been a fan of ‘quit your job and travel’ simply because even though I do believe in taking risks, I believe in taking ‘calculated risks’.

The idea of blowing through all my hard earned money indefinitely with no clear action plan is terrifying.

I admire bloggers who jump straight into the road until they ‘figure it out’. This course is not going to teach you that.

Put simply, this course will help you lay the groundwork for a successful blog which will make your eventual jump into full-time blogging that much more soft.

It won’t be easy. No business that is worth it’s while worked perfectly from day 1.

This is exactly why building the RIGHT foundation for your blog is CRITICAL to success.

In this course, you will learn a no-BS, concrete framework for starting your blog the RIGHT way.

The sections covered include:
- Introduction & Setup
- Content & SEO
- Social Media Marketing
- Google Analytics
- Monetisation
- Email Marketing
- Blogging Toolkit
...and so much more! All for FREE!

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