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London Open Forex Trading Strategy course

The London Open trading system is the most popular fx trading strategy online - Unique Algorithmic trading system

During the Asian trading session, the volatility is calm and the trend is more of a ranging channel. At around the London session opening time, things change and spiking comes up. It is possible to trade the London open manually using straddle methodology. In this course, we use a robot to do the operational multitasking for us.

Because the robot is not finely tuned to each broker on Earth, it is very unlikely to be tuned to your broker, dear student. So, we fine tune the robot by experimenting, analyzing and adjusting its trading style to your own broker.

To do this, you will need 1 experimental demo account, 1 analytics platform and 1 demo trading account. Once the robot passes the tests, you will need a trading account, funded by yourself or funded by a private club. The choice is yours.

All the tuition is covered. A personal invitation to a funded club is provided. Check the password in the resources.

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