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Practical Houdini Masterclass Bundle Discount

Harness the power of Houdini and supercharge your game design capabilities with this 25-hour course bundle. With four exceptional courses from Houdini expert Richard Banks, you'll get an in-depth look at how to create and deploy various assets using Houdini. This 4-course collection will teach you how to create a game-ready asset from start to finish, use a curve driven building-creation tool in Houdini 16.5, and create an animation-ready zombie character rig with Houdini and bring your game to life.

Courses Included
Game Asset Creation in Houdini
- Procedural Buildings
- Additional Content
Game Character Rigging with Houdini
Access 137 lectures & 25 hours of content 24/7
Learn how to use Houdini's powerful Digital Asset workflow to dramatically speed up your modeling process
Learn how to use a curve driven building creation tool in Houdini 16.5 to create buildings & deploy them into Unity
Create a library of procedural game assets to make varied level or world generation quick & fun
Know how to make the most of the Fire Escape asset

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