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 eCom Virality Course Discount

Learn to make your brand stand out on social media with this Viral Giveaway + Facebook Marketing Course. This 4-hour course gives you the "viral" formula for getting more eCommerce revenue, including the key strategy to make your marketing efforts more profitable and how to growth hack engagement and growth on social media. This course also gives you a deep dive inside a winning ad account and teaches how to use ads and giveaways to scale. You'll also be able to see example posts and ads that will serve as guides on what makes a social post profitable. Lastly, you will learn all about targeting ideas and techniques that will make or break your brand.

Access 15 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
Understand how giveaways relate to Facebook & revenue generation
Learn how to create viral giveaways & run converting Facebook ads
Know how to build your email list, social following, & store revenue the same way companies like AppSumo, Universal Music, and The Hustle did
Get a guide on what makes a social post or ad profitable
Learn how to better target & find customers

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