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Job Interview Guide

Whether you're a regular interviewee or just started your search for your first job, or even if you are an interviewer yourself, this course is designed for all levels; who wants to further enhance their knowledge or practice of interview.

Welcome to Job Interview Guide: Preparing for THE Interview!

Interview is “a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out if they are suitable for a job or a course of study.” This definition is based on Collins English Dictionary. In this course context, we explore the ‘job interview’ part of it but the tips here can be applicable to the ‘course of study’.

What words or feelings come to mind when you hear ‘interview’? A job, money, fear, nervous, anxious, excited, company of your dreams, big boss, butterflies in your stomach, etc…? The list goes on. The question that arises as an interviewee is “what do I do?”. You need to prep yourself and it’s not about a question and answer session but it’s actually a conversation between the interviewer or interviewers and the interviewees.

Each lecture is filled to the best of my experience. As much as I can cover on interviews, methods or questions may change overtime, especially in this dynamic world.

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