Public Relations - Media Crisis Communication Udemy course 100% OFF

Public Relations - Media Crisis Communication

Learn how to Keep Your Reputation Intact During a Crisis. Shape And Control Your Media Messages At The Worst Possible Times

Good communication in a crisis can make or break a corporate reputation. Knowing the principles of great crisis communication will ensure that however the crisis arose, there will be minimum damage to your reputation, and minimal time to recover from any adverse opinion.

In this rapid masterclass in public relations, media communication expert Alan Stevens explains how you can shape and control your messages to the world, even at the very worst of times.

This course will explain what a crisis is and the different types which can occur. He covers real life case studies of events where companies have done great jobs, and some where reputations have been managed less well. He then covers how you can plan in advance how to deal with crises before they arrive, and finally the key skills you need in place when they do happen.

In just 30 minutes, Alan will give you the skills you need to deal with a PR crisis before it happens.

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