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Learn how to Build a Rock Solid Business Reputation and Keep It

Your reputation can be considered as being 'what people say about when you're not listening'.

It can be said online or offline and it can be beneficial or detrimental. Understanding how to properly manage your company's reputation can be one of the most important skills to learn. It can be the difference between triumph and catastrophe.

In this course, we delve into the most important factors that make up reputation management. You will learn how best to prepare for any crises and how to deal with them when they do inevitably arise.

We cover 'The 5 Principles of Reputation Management':
- Recognising Risk
- Alertness and Monitoring
- Positive Action
- Responsiveness
- Being the Best

By the end of this Reputation Management course you will have a full understanding of how to build a comprehensive reputation management strategy for your company and to be well positioned to deal any reputational crisis.

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