Ultimate 2020 Web Designer & Developer Course Bundle Discount 97% OFF

Go from Zero to Professional Hero with 6 Comprehensive Courses & 99 Hours of Training on Web Design & Development

Course No. 1: The Ultimate Web Designer & Developer Course: Build 23 Projects
Learn Everything from Design to Front & Back-End Programming with 211 Lectures and Become a Full-Stack Developer
Duration: 26 hours
Lessons: 211

Course No. 2: Bootstrap to WordPress
Learn How to Confidently Develop Custom and Profitable Responsive WordPress Themes and Websites
Duration: 12 hours
Lessons: 82

Course No. 3: The Front End Developer Bootcamp
Work Your Way Through HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap and Start Your Career as a Programmer
Duration: 16 hours
Lessons: 133

Course No. 4: How to Become a Programmer
Your Practical Guide on Everything You Need to Know to Be an Effective, Successful Programmer
Duration: 6 hours
Lessons: 65

Course No. 5: Learn Python 3 from Beginner to Advanced
Get Your Hands Dirty Learning One of the Most Important Programming Languages
Duration: 8 hours
Lessons: 73

Course No. 6: Become a Web Developer: Learn the Basics & Fundamentals of Ruby
Learn Everything You Need to Know to be Successful with Ruby
Duration: 31 hours
Lessons: 114

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