The Organized Schedule - Reclaim your time and live life on your own terms

The Organized Schedule

There is a quote by Annie Dillard that completely sums up how I feel about our most precious resource: time.

"How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives."

How are you spending your life? Are you acting intentionally out of what's best for you and your life? Or are you simply accepting what comes your way and crossing things off of your never-ending to-do list, without considering whether or not they contribute to your bigger picture?

Inside of The Organized Schedule:

Module 1:
Learn How Much Time You Have and Where It Goes
Tackle Your To-Do List
Get Clear on Your Priorities

Module 2:
Figure Out What Works For You and What Doesn't
Let Go of What Doesn't Work
Find Your Motivation

Module 3:
Put It All Together
Plus, a couple bonuses are always a part of the fun!

You can complete this course in as little as one day to start seeing immediate and major progress.
I can't wait to see the new life you create for yourself.
“I thought I was already a really organized person, since organizing is basically the way I make my living, but I incorporated some of Marin's ideas and it took my time management to the next level.”

Stephanie O.

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