Refactoring in C#: Unlock the Secrets of Senior Developers Udemy Course 94% OFF

Refactoring in C# Course

Progress your career as a C# developer by using simple refactoring techniques. Write clean code

The refactoring techniques you learn in the Refactoring in C# course will also help you if you follow test-driven development practice. With TDD and its Red-Green-Refactor, refactoring comes at the end of each cycle. After you write your tests and your code, refactoring will turn that code into a production-ready code.

Once you improve your codebase, you will be faster and more productive. Throughout this course, you will see how to:
  1. Eliminate longer methods in your C# code
  2. Turn complex methods into its own C# classes
  3. Safely move methods and features between classes
  4. Remove if within an if within an if…. Kind of statements
  5. Simplify conditional statements
  6. Simplify method calls
  7. Turn long parameter lists into a separate class
  8. Remove unnecessary parameters
  9. Use the Null Object design pattern to eliminate if checks for null
  10. Use State or Strategy design pattern to eliminate switch statements
After you finish this Refactoring in C# course, you will know how to improve any C# code, no matter how complex it is.

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