Simple Copywriting Secrets - Learn How to Write Killer Sales Copy - Udemy course 84% OFF

Learn How to Write Killer Sales Copy

You will learn the Four key elements of super-effective copy in a writing training – exercises, templates and a checklist included

You will learn How to:
Develop and sharpen up your copy-writing skills in less than an hour
Get readers to take action
Write sales copy that is pure dynamite
Find the key message
Speed up the writing process
Structure your arguments so that every single sentence leads towards closing the sale

Want to learn how to create outstanding sales copy in less than an hour? In a writing workshop of just 43 minutes, this copy-writing course walks you through the four key elements of writing powerful sales copy, divided into four sections:

The copy-writing brief, where you ask all the relevant questions for your sales copy
The features and benefits part, which is the basis of your headline and body texts
How to create attention-grabbing headlines
How to create an irresistible call to action to seal the deal

The neatly packed tutorials show you STEP BY STEP how to get readers to take action with whatever it is you’re selling or promoting – a product, service, idea, business, or brand.

Udemy course :

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