Emotional Freedom Technique: The Secret Powers of EFT: Power Healing - 100% Free Kindle eBook

This book provides a nice overview of what the energy psychology practice of EFT is, how it functions, and how it can help improve your life. The author explains the concepts of how our mind and energy system function and why tapping on key points while addressing particular issues can help support a healing shift. The book has some examples to get you started with practicing EFT. This book is fairly short, and is a nice companion to materials originally published freely online by Gary Craig, the creator of EFT. It's not a comprehensive guide to working with EFT, while it does explain it fairly well and provides enough basics to get you started. As a psychotherapist and energy healer myself, I have sometimes used EFT as well as other energy psychology protocols with clients, so I am familiar with how it works and with the range of response seen from people who work with EFT.

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