Excel WorkBook/WorkSheet for 77-420/77-727/M0200 Exam Part 1 Udemy course 40% Off

This is a course for professionals who want to learn by doing. It is highly recommended that you practise the demos shown in the training that cover the following topics in Excel and helpful to clear Excel Microsoft Certification exams

Create worksheets and workbooks

Create a workbook, import data from a delimited text file

Add a worksheet to an existing workbook

Copy and move a worksheet Navigate in worksheets and workbooks

Search for data within a workbook; navigate to a named cell, range, or workbook element

insert and remove hyperlinks

Format worksheets and workbooks

• Change worksheet tab color,

rename a worksheet,

change worksheet order,

modify page setup,

insert and delete columns or rows,

change workbook themes,

adjust row height and column width, insert headers and footers

Customize options and views for worksheets and workbooks

• Hide or unhide worksheets,

hide or unhide columns and rows,

customize the Quick Access Toolbar,

change workbook views, change window views,

modify document properties,

change magnification by using zoom tools,

display formulas

Configure worksheets and workbooks for distribution •

Set a print area, save workbooks in alternative file formats,

print all or part of a workbook,

set print scaling,

display repeating row and column titles on multipage worksheets,

inspect a workbook for hidden properties or personal information, inspect a workbook for accessibility issues,

inspect a workbook for compatibility issues

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