The Love Challenge - Grow your relationship and deepen your love - Udemy Course 100% OFF

The Love Challenge

Learn what lovemaps are, why they are important, and practice updating their love maps.
Learn why focusing on the positive moments in their relationship is important and practice this in The Reminiscing Challenge.
Increase their momentum and take control of their attitudes by turning their attention to the positive moments in their lives.
Practice dreaming big about their futures by creating a relationship bucket list or dream board.
Learn why busyness is the archenemy of relationships. They will put together a plan for breaking out of the busyness cycle and for intentionally connecting with their loved one.
Learn a new definition of intimacy and practice this into-me-see communication style by sharing a current feeling, hope, or dream with their partner.
Learn to identify and celebrate differences in their relationship.
Put together an ongoing connection plan for the future.

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