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Big Think Edge is an unrivaled library of video exercises made by teachers and educated by world-class specialists like Malcolm Gladwell, Elon Musk, and Arianna Huffington. Get familiar with the most significant abilities of the 21st century—like enthusiastic knowledge, critical thinking, and basic deduction—to fuel your own and expert development from the top specialists in the field. Large Think Edge discharges 3 new select exercises every week — that is 12 significant life and vocation exercises each month, educated by Ivy-association educators, business visionaries, and Nobel Prize victors. 

Trusted by future-thinking organizations: Pfizer, Citi, Disney, UBS, Michigan 
150 specialists including Ivy-alliance educators, business visionaries and Noble Prize victors 
Exercises on significant abilities, for example, enthusiastic knowledge, basic reasoning, correspondence, inventiveness, authority and more 
3 new selective exercises discharged each week 
Selective access to live-stream Q&As with widely acclaimed specialists 
"Love it! Brief recordings pressed with significant information. TED chats on steroids, possibly? Prescribing to companions." – Margaret Schwichow 
"It's an astonishing asset—it unmistakably shows every individual exercise by the best in the business." – Ian Wasseluk 

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