Career Change: Job Search Success Secrets To Land Your Job - Udemy course 100% OFF

Career Change course

This comprehensive Career Change course is 2 hours and 20 minutes in length, has 7 sections, 37 video lectures, 8 easy-to-complete (yet powerful) worksheets, resource lists and templates for resumés, CVs and cover letters. Here's what we'll cover in this course:

- A process of self-discovery where you explore your values, likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and learn to channel them into finding your ideal career.

- How to perform a Career SWOT analysis to gain clarity on your past, your present situation, and craft a personalised roadmap for the future.

- Build a personal brand revolving around this process of self-discovery so that you present to the world your most authentic self.

- Build a powerful, compelling resumé and Curriculum Vitae (CV) with the help of proven principles and included downloadable templates.

- Write a persuasive cover letter that will capture the attention of employers and hiring managers. It will let your unique skills, experiences and expertise shine.

- How to build a great LinkedIn profile. You will learn not only what to include, how to choose appropriate photos, but also how to align your LinkedIn profile with your goals.

- How to use your network to maximise your chances of landing your dream job. Your existing network, as it is, is brimming with opportunities. But you have to know how to actually tap into it to gain any benefits.

- Cultivate a mindset that will let you handle whatever challenges life throws at you and will let you prosper in your life and career. With this mindset in place, you will go through life with resilience, confident and with the ability to notice opportunities all around you wherever you are.

- How to tap into the hidden job market. Even when it seems that traditional routes of job searches are tapped dry, you will still be able to discover ample opportunity through alternative ways. Learn about how to find possibilities hidden in plain sight with Job Boards, Recruitment Agencies and Online Marketplaces.

- And so much more…