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Entrepreneurship 101

This Entrepreneurship course teaches you how to start and grow your own business from the scratch. It provides time-tested blueprint for a successful startup.
Step-by-step guide to start a business (from idea to launch and beyond).

Lesson 1: 3 Ways to Come Up With an Idea for a Disruptive Product
Lesson 2: 4 Innovative Businesses You Can Learn From
Lesson 3: 4 Ways to Make Your Kickstarter Campaign More Successful
Lesson 4: 5 Examples of Businesses That Take Full Advantage of the Sharing Economy
Lesson 5: 6 Ways to Get Funding for Your New Product Idea
Lesson 6: How to Create Your Own Software-As-Service Business
Lesson 7: How to Find a Need in a Market and Fill it
Lesson 8: How to Market Your New Disruptive Idea
Lesson 9: How to Test an Idea Before Bringing it to Market
Lesson 10: Top Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Make
Entrepreneurship 101 : Assessment

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Prof. Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan
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