Escape the City: StartUp School - Launch Your Business Idea - Udemy course 100% OFF

Want to launch an idea – but not sure where to start?

Our Online Startup School follows 10 crucial steps to help you avoid the common startup pitfalls and accelerates you to being your own boss.

This is a learning by doing experience that will teach you how to build a startup. This is your entrepreneurial apprenticeship. It’s not about building a rocket ship overnight, it’s about developing a powerful new toolkit, network and mindset to help you identify and execute exciting opportunities over the next few years as you transition into entrepreneurship.

This complete course includes:
- 23 instructional videos
- 12 downloadable PDF documents & templates
- 6 projects and exercises to complete
- an easy to use financial template
- a curated selection of further external reading and viewing

Lets launch your idea into the world.