History of Mesopotamia - Part 1 (2900-2000 BC) Course 100% OFF

In this History of Mesopotamia course, you will find out about the historical backdrop of the Sumerians and Akkadians. The creation of composing, government purposeful publicity, colonialism, letters - these were concocted in Mesopotamia during the third thousand years. This is an early on course, yet I plan on extending and altering it after some time to remember more themes for writing, culture, and essential sources. This course will be useful for undergrads who are taking an early on seminar on Mesopotamian history and need to enhance their insight, or only for old history lovers. There is data here for unadulterated amateurs, just as for those with some information on the field as of now. I will likewise be effectively extending the course - I anticipate your criticism! 

In the main area of a course, you will pick up the vital foundation information expected to track. 

In the subsequent area, you will find out about the Early Dynastic period and the different Sumerian lords that competed for power. 

In the third segment, you will find out about Sargon of Akkad and his administration. 

In the fourth segment, you will find out about the Third Dynasty of Ur - the "Neo-Sumerian Empire."