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Intermediate Italian Course

This course is designed for the Italian language student or a future traveler that wants to get the most out of their trip to Italy and to learn Italian in a simple and logical manner.

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This is a continuation of my previous course. It is highly recommended that you take that course first as a prerequisite.  

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This is what you will learn in this course: 
Italian Verb - Essere - To Be
Italian Verb - Avere - To Have
 Days of the Week in Italian
Colors in Italian
Telling Time
Days of the Week
Meeting and Greeting People
Join today to start your journey on learning the most beautiful of all languages in the world!

The instruction is video-based with audio and onscreen transcripts to provide an effective and efficient learning experience.

 I realized at an early age that knowing another language is indeed a gift and I love to share my knowledge of Italian with those that have an interest. 

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