Mathematics for Engineers Prep Course Bundle Discount 97% OFF

Enhnce your skill on Algebra, Statistics & Calculus and Build Your Way Into an Engineering Career with 60+ Hours of Hands-On Math Lessons

Course No. 1: INTUITION MATTERS! Applied Calculus for Engineers: Part 1
Gain a Better Understanding of Calculus & Apply It in Real Life
Duration: 11 hours
Lessons: 80

Course No. 2: Applied Calculus for Engineers: Part 2
Calculus + Engineering: Vectors, Parametric Equations, Partial Derivatives & More
Duration: 14 hours
Lessons: 82

Course No. 3: Applied Calculus for Engineers: Part 3
Confidently Solve Integrals & Differential Equations
Duration: 6 hours
Lessons: 28

Course No. 4: Applied Calculus for Engineers: Part 4
Put Calculus to Good Use: Controllers & PID
Duration: 3hours
Lessons: 29

Course No. 5: Complete Linear Algebra for Data Science & Machine Learning
Everything in Linear Algebra Simplified in the Best Possible Way
Duration: 12 hours
Lessons: 165

Course No. 6: Complete Electricity for Electronics, Electrical Engineering
Start Understanding & Solving Basic Electric Circuits Easily and Confidently
Duration: 4 hours
Lessons: 46

Course No. 7: Complete Statistics for Data Science & Business Analytics
Master the Fundamentals of Statistics & Its Business Applications Using Real-World Examples
Duration: 4 hours
Lessons: 25

Course No. 8: Algebra 2: The Complete Course
The Fundamentals of Algebra II: Geometry, Equations, Inequalities, Functions, Graphs & More
Duration: 5 hours
Lessons: 93

Course No. 9: Matrices: Learn the Foundations for Linear Algebra
Use Matrices to Solve Simultaneous Linear Equations
Duration: 1 hour
Lessons: 12