Sales skills: A complete sales training to increase sales - Udemy course 90% OFF

Making a sale is not just about talking to your prospects doing blah blah blah and getting money out of their pocket. That’s not a sale.

The sale is a blend of many things, your converting sales presentation, powerful delivery of your message, using persuasion, getting the product planted in your prospect’s mind, knowing your audience, their different personalities and how to deal with it, controlling the conversation, asking the right questions and identifying the pain points of your prospects and then how you craft your offer that is irresistible and makes people take fast action, which all has the ultimate effect on your close and thus the sale.
Closing sounds like stopping but we are here to initiate a relationship, a long-lasting one.

Getting a customer is not an end but the beginning of a relationship. To increase sales you need to learn and work on every aspect that the sale is associated with and that’s what I’m going to take you through in this course.

You’ll learn –
1) Powerful delivery techniques
2) Mass persuasion strategies
3) How to craft a sales presentation that converts?
4) Knowing your audience- The DISC personality system and how to deal with it.
5) How to create an irresistible offer?
6) What all materials to be included in your offer to make it a hot offer that no one can refuse.

Always be an Encore, under promise and overdeliver. You are in the business of serving people not selling, and you are an entertainer, not a teacher.

This complete sales course with strategies that work in today’s generation of 2019-2020, will not only help skyrocket your sales but also teach how to influence people and touch their lives and contribute your share to make the world a better place.

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