Blender from Absolute Beginner to Advanced - 3D Modeling, Animation and Rendering, All in One - 100% Off Skillshare Course

Do you wish to start working with Blender?

Do you wish to know about 3D Modeling, Animation, Rendering and everything that related to what Blender can offer? Need a course that teaches absolutely everything from zero to hero?

You have stumbled upon the most complete course on the platform. This course is for you!

You must not have any previous experience to take this course. Like, not even a little bit...

You will learn *very in depth* about:
The whole Blender Interface, how to use it and understand it.
3D Modeling, Techniques and Applications.
3D Animation. Understanding the 12 Principles of animation and applying them to Blender.
Rendering and Lighting. We will use both Render Engines (Cycles and EEVEE) to create beautiful images.
The math interaction behind the scenes to understand how Blender works.
And much more in extreme detail...

We'll learn about the underlying Math and how Blender works behind the scenes.

As a computer graphics software, it's not enough no understand how to use the software. Acquiring key computer graphics technical knowledge is also extremely important in this art. Why does Blender work the way it does? 

Ee will then work in understanding how Blender works behind the scenes with simple explanations. You'll love to understand exactly what is going on when you do something in Blender. Worry not! You do no need to have technical knowledge before hand! It's actually going to be fun. Pinky swear!

You are being taught by a Blender Certified Professional

I reside in Colombia, Latin America. I got a professional certification through Blender Network some years ago! My certification is Academic, since I've been teaching in Universities all around my home country. You can find more information right over at my certification profile.

Need more detail about what you will learn? Here it is!

All the Blender interface from scratch. By the end you will understand what everything does and where everything is.
3D Modeling techniques that you can apply in a professional environment and that will help you create what you wish, always making sure we use the correct mesh modeling methods.
Generate 3D animations utilizing the 12 principles of animation.
Use the physical animation systems such as Rigid and Soft Bodies, Fluids, Cloths.
Understand the 2 Rendering Engines by heart and how to use them.
Understand complex lighting techniques by the means of Raytracing.
Understand addons, where to find them and what to do with them.
Generate UV Mapping for your Models.
Understand how to create materials for rendering.
Understand the PBR (Physically based rendering) pipeline.
Create Rigs in Blender, with Inverse and forward kinematics.
Use Quixel to import high fidelity models and learn to work with them.
The mathematics and technical concepts behind how blender works behind the scenes.

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