Italian Travel Course and Language to Help Guide Your Next Trip to Italy - 100% Off Course

Are you wanting to learn Italian for your next trip to Italy?

The instruction in this course is video-based with audio and onscreen transcripts to provide an effective and efficient learning experience.

- Italian Meal
- Where to Eat in Italy? And some money saving ideas!
- Where to Stay in Italy? And Booking a room
- Directions
- Train Travel in Italy
- Driving around Italy / Road Signs


It is highly recommended that you take my Introductory Italian Course on Skillshare along with the Intermediate Italian Course prior to taking this one. 


I realized at an early age that knowing another language is indeed a gift and I love to share my knowledge of Italian with those that have an interest. 

I am looking forward to helping you on your journey in learning the most beautiful language in the world and guiding you along the way!  

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