The Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Apps Bundle Discount 97% Off

Superhuman Lifetime Subscription Apps Bundle Discount

Boost Your Mind, Soul and Body.. This Bundle Gives You Lifetime Access to 5 Well-Reviewed Apps on Language, Reading, Focus, and Wellness

1. uTalk: Lifetime Subscription (Any 2 Languages)
Join 30 Million Users & Learn New Languages on Any Device

2. MindFi: Lifetime Subscription
Decompress & Boost Your Focus with Curated Mindfulness Exercises You Can Practice Anywhere

3. Fitterclub: Lifetime Subscription
Over 1 Million Tailored Fitness Programs That'll Help You Get in Shape from Home in 2020!

4. 7 Speed Reading: Lifetime Subscription
Read Faster, Comprehend Quicker, & Remember More with The World's #1 Speed Reading Software

5. Integrity Training: Lifetime Subscription
Become the Ultimate Employee or Job Candidate with Over 600 Expert-Led Courses on PMI, ITIL, CompTIA, Microsoft & Other In-Demand Skill Sets

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