How to write a summary for fiction books/ Made Easy - Online course 50% Off

How to write a summary for fiction books/ Made Easy

This is a course directed at parents and guardians with school-age children from 8-12. The course is to help them write a fiction summary.

Expected to become a professional teacher overnight?

Do you need more confidence and time to teach writing to your child?

Do you need your child to become more independent in writing?

Afraid your child will lose out on their writing skills during this trying time?

WORRY NO MORE!!!!!!! Get Peace of Mind and Independent learners!

Brought to you by a New York State permanent certified teacher of 27 years, the singing teacher and a published author. I am here to make your life easier. How to summarize, made easy, is a mini lesson that will show you and your child how to create a 4 paragraph fiction summary that includes the necessary characteristics of an effective summary. READING AND WRITING IS NOT OPTIONAL! Children must be adequately prepared because they are the critical thinkers of the future.

They don't have to summarize every book they read, but there is enough time to read and write one summary per week. Leave some reading for pleasure! Use the videos or the quick tip sheets which are all included in this course to make your teaching life easier. Imagine the reassurance of knowing that your child is reading and writing confidently while producing summaries that you both will be proud of!

Be filled with delight while watching your child soar as they become responsible and an independent thinker. You'll find a course workbook for yourself, the proud new teacher, and your child included in the course. First, guide them through the lessons (with help from the videos and quick tip sheets) or let them begin on their own until you have the time to spare. I promise they will be able work until you are ready. Very shortly they will take over the online course and become independent learners and teachers themselves.
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