The Complete Microsoft Azure eBook & Video Course Bundle Discount 95% Off

Course No. 1: Implementing Azure Solutions [eBook]
Deploy & Manage Azure Containers and Build Azure Solutions with Ease

Course No. 2: Serverless Integration Design Patterns with Azure [eBook]
Build Powerful Cloud Solutions That Sustain Next-Generation Products

Course No. 3: Azure Networking Cookbook [eBook]
Learn to Distribute Network Traffic, Optimize Application Delivery & Defend Network-Level Threats

Course No. 4: Azure PowerShell Quick Start Guide [eBook]
Leverage PowerShell to Perform Many Day-to-Day Tasks in Microsoft Azure

Course No. 5: Migrating Applications to the Cloud with Azure [eBook]
Modernize Your Apps with Microsoft Azure by Moving Web, Desktop, & Mobile Apps to the Cloud

Course No. 6: Mastering Identity & Access Management with Microsoft Azure [eBook]
Empower Users by Managing & Protecting Identities and Data

Course No. 7: DevOps with Azure [Video]
Plan, Manage & Monitor Your Applications with Azure
Duration: 2.7 hours
Lessons: 7

Course No. 8: Modernize Node.js Web Apps with Azure App Service [Video]
Refactor Nodes.js Web Apps & Deploy, Scale, and Monitor Them on Azure App Store
Duration: 2.2 hours
Lessons: 5

Course No. 9: Azure Platform as a Service, Web & API Application Deployment [Video]
Build, Manage & Deploy Your Own PaaS Cloud with Help of Azure Services
Duration: 6.3 hours
Lessons: 3

Course No. 10: Azure Cognitive Services for Developers [Video]
Make Your Applications Smarter, The Easy Way with Azure Cognitive Services
Duration: 4.3 hours
Lessons: 7