Portrait Photography at Home - Skillshare course 100% OFF


Join me as I show you how to take portraits at home using only natural light, one camera, and one lens. In this quick 10-minute course, you will learn:

How to make a subject pop

How to remove distracting backgrounds

How to do casual posing and other tips

For this portrait photography course, I mounted a small action-cam on top of my main camera, so you'll be able to see the behind-the-scenes and some of the pictures that we took. I'll also show you how I edit a couple of these shots.

For this coruse, the class Project will be to take some portraits at home and upload them here so the rest of us can see your talent. It can be a self-portrait or a photoshoot with a model.

Free Skillshare Course :https://skl.sh/32kdGMC

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