Personal Financial Literacy - Take Control Of Your Future - Course 100% OFF


Envision yourself in ten years: Where do you want to be? This course is the first step to accomplishing that dream! This personal financial literacy course will help you bridge the gap between your current financial situation and your goals. Designed for people of all ages and financial situations, this is a broad guide to taking control of your financial future and creating the life you want to live.

Course Lesson  plan:

1. What Do You Want for Your Financial Future?

2. Budgeting Basics

3. The Keys of Credit

4. Credit Continued

5. Dos and Don’ts of Debt

6. Tax Time

7. Preparing for Retirement

8. The Ins and Outs of Investing

9. Investing Part Two: Building Your Portfolio

10. Life Stages Checklist and Additional Resources

+ Quiz


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