2020 Optimization Modeling in Python - Pyomo Bootcamp - Udemy course 100% OFF


In this Pyomo Bootcamp, you will learn:

Write simple and complex pyomo models


How to mathematically formulate your optimization problems in Python?

Practice Exercises to Confirm the Learnings

How to find the duality coefficients of the constraints ?

Build the skills you need to get your first Operation research / Optimization job /OR Scientist position

Build a complete understanding of Pyomo models from the ground up!

How to start coding your optimization problem in Python (pyomo)? Linear programming, Mixed Integer programming, Quadratic programming, Non-linear Programming

Is it suitable for Mechanical engineering ? Yes, for example : design problems

Is it suitable for Chemical engineering ? Yes, for example : optimal design of chemical systems, optimal operation of chemical units, pooling-blending, optimal control of a process and etc.

Is it suitable for Electrical engineering ? Yes, for example : optimal operation and planning of power plants, optimal power flow and etc.

Is it suitable for Civil engineering ? Yes for example in traffic management, bridge design , reinforcement planning and etc.

Udemy course :https://www.udemy.com/course/optimization-in-python/?couponCode=OCTPYOMO

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