Certified Remote Worker Professional training course and certification - 50% OFF


In today’s digitally connected global environment, many organizations opt to operate virtually with a remote or partially remote workforce. Big Giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, (you name it) are all shifting their gears towards a workforce that can work comfortably from their home because it saves time, space, and loads of money. Plus, it also helps employees find their work-life balance.

Our Certified Remote Worker Professional training course and certification is aimed at job seekers and self-employed who need to give their resume the competitive edge in the current COVID job market.

It's also for organizations as they adapt to the 'new normal' and need to up-skill their managers, team leaders, and employees who regularly work remotely or from home.

It will provide tools to ensure that high levels of communication, productivity, and job satisfaction can be maintained, as well as covering the importance of cyber-security, compliance and worker mental health and safety for those based remotely.

By taking this course, you will learn how to:

  • Unlock opportunities and receive a credential from the world's largest network of individuals and organizations sharing achievements online.
  • Adapt to remote working from day one like a boss.
  • Create working agreements between managers, team leaders and employees essential to performance and well-being.
  • Use modern tools and platforms to effectively work from anywhere.
  • Create a healthy work environment that boosts mental health and well-being.
  • Think, act, communicate, and work as a great, agile team.
  • Protect your employer’s sensitive data giving them confidence in you.
  • Keep yourself sane, and even enjoy this new work life.

Grab this Course at :https://www.certifiedremoteworker.com/

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