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This docker arrangement is refreshed on September 2020. It has more than 100s of PRO level Challenges from Docker , Docker Swarm and Docker Compose . 

The following are some example Questions. [A PDF configuration of these Questions are accessible in the Resources section] 

1. A notable case is that Docker isn't reasonable for Databases, primarily because of execution contemplations. 

What is your view on this? 

Will by utilizing volumes/tmpfs mount this issue can be tackled? 

What are the key upsides and downsides of utilizing Docker for Databases? 

Additionally Explain whether dockerizing is important for a BigData Environment like Apache Hadoop or Spark? 

2.Explain how to keep the compartments alive, in any event, when the Docker Daemon is down 

3. How to see the logs throughout the previous 60 minutes, logs for a specific date, tail the log of a holder consistently? 

4. Disclose how to dispatch GUI applications from holder? 

For example, disclose how to run a Javafx or Python work area application on the host machine from the holder, so compartments can be utilized for programming dispersion. 

Is it conceivable to circulate Desktop applications utilizing Docker? 

5. How to get the IP address and door subtleties of the compartment? Rundown 5 different ways to get it. 

6. How to begin Containers that will run as client with typical Privileges and not as Root client? 

7. What is the central question tended to utilizing docker run order with choice – gadget compose bps 

8. What is the Command to list all the ports utilized by a compartment? How to list all the Mapped ports in a holder? Rundown at any rate two different ways to do it 

9. Clarify in insight regarding the Dockers record framework

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