Bookkeeping - theoretical and practical guide - Udemy course 35% OFF only $12.99

Learn how to do your bookkeeping alone and understand what happens behind "the scene" to be more self-confident.

You will be surprised how beneficial is this short course and how many things you will learn within 30 minutes. The secret of success of the course is that it consists of information shown in different forms: short and well-structured videos with theory, examples, quizzes and exercise with a Journal template in Excel.

Using all these learning forms you’ll become familiar with the accounting objects: assets. Liabilities, owners’ equity, expenses, revenues and transactions and you’ll be able to speak the “Debit-credit language”. Do not hesitate and enroll in this course.

The next section of the course is created to lighten the process of understanding one of the most important financial statements – Balance sheet. In order to explain what a balance sheet is, I’ll make an interesting comparison between this financial statement and a photo picture. I’ll go through the two types of balance sheet and I'll pay attention to the structure of a balance sheet. But the focus of the course will be on 5 main balance sheet ratios which represent business' liquidity and solvency and of course I’ll show you how to analyze them. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to use the information on a balance sheet to understand how a business is going on.

The next step will be to explain briefly the most important points related to the single-step income statement and multiple-step income statement. Another important theme will be the six crucial profitability rates - gross profit margin, operating margin, net profit margin, return on stockholders' equity, earnings per share and price-earnings share.

In the last two videos, I'll help you to see the difference between the direct method and the indirect method of preparing a statement of cash flows.

The third section is a short, clear, and practical bookkeeping guide for freelancers and small businesses. It's about how to prepare and read correctly your financial information. Enough boring theory?

This guide is completely practical. You'll learn:

which free accounting software I recommend,

how to create invoices, add bills, pull in your bank transactions, and reconcile your bank,

how to see how much tax you owe to the government or the government must return you.

After you watch the guide you'll be able to do your bookkeeping alone, safe money and time.

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