Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Udemy course 90% OFF

Build a niche affiliate site around your hobby, passion or interest

In this course you're going to learn how to setup a highly successful affiliate marketing business with Reddit.

Here are details of what you're going to learn:

How to choose a niche

How to setup and optimize your Amazon account to sell millions of products

Content Strategy: 6 content types for creating the perfect niche site

How to avoid getting kicked out of the Amazon Associates Program

Designing your Affiliate site

How to choose a strategic username for your Reddit account

How to setup and configure your Reddit account

How to use AMA sessions to generate leads and sales.

How to identify the ideal subreddits for your affiliate marketing business.

Reddit content strategy

How to create viral content in your target Reddit community

How to use content curation to build trust, authority and influence in your target Reddit community.

How to develop an effective comment marketing strategy to market your business on Reddit.

How to setup successful advertising campaigns on Reddit

How to get better search engine rankings by making your WordPress website more SEO friendly

Udemy course :

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