Creating Delighted & Devoted Customers - Udemy course 100% OFF

In this practical and action-oriented training programme, business competitiveness expert Andy introduces the principles for creating outstanding customer experiences and creating customer delight. Anyone can tell customers to "have a nice day" or give stuff away! The key is to ‘exceed’ expectations and do this consistently.

Based on his 30-plus years of experience, Andy will show you how to take a 'Dramatically and Demonstrably Different Approach' to make that happen for your customers. He will share ‘real’ examples of '3D Businesses' who have built enviable reputations for going beyond customer satisfaction to create ‘delighted’ customers. Crucially, you will learn the practical tools, proven techniques and steps necessary to create ‘customer delight’ in your business. Andy will show you how to be ‘easy to buy from and deal with’, how to ensure everyone in your team understands their role in giving customers what they want (and more), how to empower and enable your people to do this - consistently. The result? Increased loyalty, repeat business and frequent recommendations.

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