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Options Trading: Options Trading Explained In Simple Terms + Strategies - The Greeks & Weekly Trading Recommendations

In this course, President of Capstone Financial & Author of "Options Strategies for Monthly Income" David J. Melilli will educate you on every aspect of stock options trading.  David will implement his unique stock options trading process utilizing his extensive knowledge in the area of stock options trading.  David has spent over fifteen years trading stock options.  This stock option course is taught in an easy to understand, user friendly manner that will excite and help build the confidence to master stock options trading it has been designed to educate and enhance every individual that wants to really develop the skills required in the world of stock options trading.

The stock options trading course will start with the history of the very first stock option created by a Greek Philosopher Thales.  It will then progress into the area of stock options trading most popular strategies starting with building a solid foundation of what Calls and Puts are, what they do, how they work. Some of the stock option trading strategies include: Cover Calls, Bull & Bear Spreads, Married Puts, Long Straddles and Long Strangles. My stock options trading course will include throughout the course; Stock Option Trading Ideas including Sectors, Stocks and Option Trades you can use in your own portfolios, moreover, I will post updated & ongoing articles announcing stock option trading alerts that can be actively traded.  This stock options trading course can be considered "Stock Options 101" all the way up to "Stock Options for the Advanced Trader". 

This option trading course will teach you how to successfully trade options but also the way you MUST manage your emotions, as well as, implement an option trading plan to be effective and profitable from the very beginning of your options trading career.

This detailed options trading course will lean heavily on practice quizzes; assignments, and and a final exam that will give you the confidence in your options trading career.

This option trading course on will teach you stock option strategies designed to sell stock options allowing you to; generate retirement income; reduce risk and increase your stock option portfolio returns.  It will also show you how to day trade stock options to take advantage of a specific stock option movement all the way to advanced stock options strategies you can implement in certain market conditions.

Finally, this course will transform your Stock Option Trading and investment experience forever.

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