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Do you feel left out when business discussions involve financial reports? Does accounting seem daunting? Does the accounting cycle seem strange and confusing to you?

Anyone involved in the business will eventually need to use the information provided by financial statements. The balance sheet and income statement are used by those considering investing, banks, lenders, managers, and many others. Managers in a business that understands accounting have an edge over those that do not. Business owners, small or large, need to speak the accounting language when they go to banks or try to attract investors.

You may think gaining an understanding of the financial reports and the accounting cycle that we use to make the reports will take you a month. You may find courses that take weeks and weeks of long, drawn-out discussions of accounting. But to gain a foundation of understanding you don’t need a mega course. You can learn the basics in a few hours.

Accounting Basics was designed for busy individuals who need to understand accounting but don’t have big chunks of time available in their daily schedule. Each lecture is concise and to the point. Most lectures are ten minutes or less. The course follows a group of small business owners and explains how accounting will work for a business such as theirs.

These small business cases we follow include a small service business, a food service business, a manufacturer, and a small retailer. Although the accounting we learn can apply to any business, these four examples cover a broad scope of typical business that are found in the real world.

The lessons begin by explaining how accounting approaches business activity so that when we start doing the accounting it makes sense. Instead of just memorizing how to do accounting you will understand why it is done that way. That means when you are in a discussion with other business professionals you will have the tools to discuss accounting in a dynamic world.

This course also includes short quizzes to check your understanding. You will also get a set of Excel spreadsheets with a set of transactions to practice what you learned. With the practice Excel workbook, you will actually be doing accounting and building a set of financial statements on your own.

Imagine going from complete beginner to making a financial statement in a few hours of lessons. Don’t let accounting be your weakness in business any longer. Take some time to work through this program today..

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