Level 3 Accredited Weight Loss Nutrition Course - 89% OFF

Learn the fundamentals of weight loss nutrition alongside industry experts  and become a qualified weight loss coach.

The CPD accredited weight loss nutrition course is an online course that has been specifically designed for health and fitness enthusiasts who are looking to either learn about weight loss nutrition or start a career as a weight loss coach!

This course gives you everything you need to know about weight loss nutrition, how to run your own weight loss course and how to work with clients. At the end of the course you will also receive a variety of useful tools and large discounts to help you launch your business.

Eating Habits

Learn about the most common eating habits, how they hinder weight loss and how you can help your client to overcome them.

Balanced Diet Principles

Learn the importance of a balanced diet. Get a thorough insight into vitamins and minerals, and how each affects the body.

The digestive Process

Get a complete insight of how a human body breaks down nutrients and absorbs them. This will give you a full understanding of how each macro-nutrient is obtained.


This course will give you a complete understanding of what carbohydrates, fats and protein do for the body and how these can contribute or hinder weight loss.

Food Labels

Obtain a full understanding of how to analyse food labels and grasp the most commonly used terminologies. Identify false promises and empower your clients on making better choices.

Medical Conditions

This course will help you get a better understanding of how to work with clients with certain medical conditions.

Energy Balance

Energy balance refers to calories in vs calories out. In this module you will learn the effects of both calorie deficit and calorie surplus. You will also learn about different calculations for calories and macro-nutrients.


Metabolism is one of those things that's simply overlooked yet it has a huge impact on weight loss and weight gain. In this course you will get a full understanding of what metabolism is and how to mitigate it to encourage weight loss.

Working with clients

In this course we will take you through every aspect of working with clients. You will obtain a complete guide on how to run your own 8-week weight loss course and you'll also receive sample questionnaire to ensure you comply with current legislation.

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