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Discover A Newer, More Mindful, Empowered Version Of You

Learn how to master your mind in 10 weeks and start to thrive rather than just survive.

You Feel Like You're Going Through The Motions... Surviving But Not Thriving

Seeing blame and problems everywhere outside of yourself, maybe even within.

Unable to be honest about how you feel, or with what you are dealing with? Stressed by the pace of life? Find yourself stuck scrolling through social media before realising it’s been a while? Feel angry and frustrated more often than not. Struggling to find balance in your life, or in your relationships?

Uncertain what’s holding you back from living your most authentic life?

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But What If You Could Become The Master of Your Mind?

What if you could learn to take back your power in 10 weeks?

What if you could learn how you’ve been holding yourself back for so long?

What if you could finally find a clearer path to being more authentic, and finding more peace and joy in your relationships?

The foundations of Mind Mastery is an in depth, structured system for developing a greater mindful awareness. To become more self-aware, and in turn begin to recognise how you and your thinking has been holding you back. Through Mind Mastery, you will begin to take back your POWER, take responsibility and acknowledge how you can not only master your mind, but in turn your experiences and life.

These practices, exercises and teachings will develop not only your capacity to master yourself and your experiences but also with the incorporation of the principles in your relationships, develop a greater balance, peace and joy with those in your life.

When learning new skills it is a usual conditioned reaction to want to jump ahead and attempt the more complicated and challenging teachings. Why? Because we live in a world of immediate gratification, and instant reward. Do yourself a favour, be patient in your practice NOW, and the rewards LATER will seem immense and like they arrived rapidly.

Hi, I’m Yuri Nunes

As a Health & Sport Scientist, I explored the world of form, both the physical and the mental. Discovered the various ways in which we can manipulate the body, but realised the real power lay in the mind.

I have been exploring the power of mind for the past 20 years, and over the course of my adult life have experimented with various practices and modalities; from Kriya Yoga, Lucid Dreaming, various Martial Arts, Reiki to Mindfulness and Meditation.

The culmination of everything I have learned, experienced and discovered I began to compile into a new course I call, Mind Mastery.

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