Video Editing with Filmora X for Beginners - 100% OFF Skillshare course

Welcome to this Wondershare Filmora X course. You're going to learn how to edit videos from start to finish, in less than 35 minutes, with no prior knowledge.

Filmora X is a cheap alternative to other famous video editing programs, but it still packs a punch and also offers a free trial version. I have 4 different YouTube channels and use Filmora to edit all of my videos, as well as client work.

You'll learn a solid basis of Filmora X:

Downloading the program

Understanding how the interface works

Importing your footage

Trimming, cutting, and deleting

Adjusting audio levels and adding background music

Applying and adjusting video effects

Adding and customizing text

Color grading and exposure correction

Basic motion tracking

Exporting a video with the best settings

This is a beginners tutorial. You'll be able to step up the quality of your projects in half an hour, without having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive software nor paying a monthly fee forever.

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