Business Model Innovation For Brand Growth - Module 5 - Digital Business Models, Platform Strategies & Financial Planning - Udemy course 100% OFF

The course includes 5 x 45-minute modules:

Module 1: The new growth agenda – the new sources of value in the digital economy

Module 2: Platform, network and ecosystem know-how – the 10 key platform strategies and how (in practice) to apply them

Module 3: Business model pioneers – 10+ case studies from 4 continents of bold strategies that have moved the valuation needle

Module 4: New business model portfolio – how to re-allocate capital and resources to create new growth flywheels

Module 5: Renew - How To Kickstart A Business Model Transformation – the 5-step holistic process to rejuvenate your organisation’s ability to respond to market opportunities at speed (THIS MODULE)

Engagingly conveyed using easy-to-follow graphs and images, this evidence-based and highly graphical course comprises 40 short videos (2-10 mins each) in total within 5 modules, so you can consume in the way that suits you. You’ll be further supported by actionable check-lists and specific learning tasks.

Udemy course :

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