Performing Artist Mastermind - Online Coaching

It is important to understand that this signature program has been created to ultimately find all the psychological blockages and barriers that are holding you back as an artist. This program will help you understand where these blockages and barriers are for YOU, when they were formed and how they were formed. In Performing Artist Mastermind, awareness is a key component while receiving tools to open all the potential within you that is needed to endure this journey.

Creating mental stability and safety in your choice to pursue the arts.

Clearing fear of pursuing the arts and releasing limiting beliefs to ultimately feel empowered in your pursuit.

Opening emotional blocks and emotional stagnation when creating and/or performing.

Developing personal expansion in the performing arts to stimulate

connection to your realm of emotions enabling you to feel instincts and shed unneeded layers.

Radiating your power and personal identity as an artist.

Asserting yourself in the world of the arts through your expression of will, personal power, self-assurance, and confidence.

Vitalizing compassion towards your talent and art form.

Truly loving the version of yourself in your art form by letting go and releasing any trauma surrounding your talent.

Realizing your purpose by unlocking the power of communication through your art form.

Projecting authentic thoughts, ideas and blueprints into reality.

Recognizing where inspired creation comes from.

Awakening inner-perception that will illuminate creativity and connect you to the insight of your imagination.

Immersing in wisdom and blissful union of being an artist.

Transcending with utmost clarity in the life as an artist.

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